1395 Canton Road
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 428-8248

Serving Cobb County for Generations

Since 1973, Burger's Open Air Market has been a staple of the community for northern Cobb County. Located just minutes from the Marietta Square, Burger's has been providing generations of Georgians with their fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. Produce and plants are not the only offerings at Burger's, though; we also have wonderful baked goods; dairy goods such as Amish butter and cheese; and other products such as honey, jams, chow chow, and pickled items.

Rated Among the Best in Metro Atlanta

Readers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently were asked to rate the local farmers markets. Among those rated were some of the most-famous, highly-regarded markets in the area. Those same readers rated Burger's Open Air Market second in the list, higher than all but one of those famous and highly-regarded markets. One Burger's customer has been quoted as saying, "Simplicity is the key. They simply sell the fruits and vegetables; it's then up to me as to how fancy I want to make them."

By providing you with the best and freshest fruits and vegetables in the Southeast, at more-than-reasonable prices, and with the ambience of doing business with a friend, Burger's Open Air Market should be your market.

Most Popular Items

Burger's Open Air Market provides the very best the Southeast has to offer, including:

  • Fresh oranges, grapefruit and other citrus from Florida;
  • Vine-ripe tomatoes from Tennessee and South Carolina;
  • Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina peaches;
  • Georgia pecans;
  • a host of locally-produced honey, syrups, baked goods, and other southern delicacies.